Kathleen and Thomas got married in Angwin, a small town located in the hills above Napa Valley. The barn setting was a combination of rustic and classic elegance. KatelynThomas-7 KatelynThomas-27 KatelynThomas-45 KatelynThomas-54 KatelynThomas-64 KatelynThomas-67 KatelynThomas-73 KatelynThomas-90 KatelynThomas-104 KatelynThomas-120 KatelynThomas-131 KatelynThomas-147 KatelynThomas-167 KatelynThomas-227 KatelynThomas-257 KatelynThomas-378 KatelynThomas-406 KatelynThomas-452 KatelynThomas-463 KatelynThomas-524 KatelynThomas-562 KatelynThomas-533 KatelynThomas-731 KatelynThomas-758 KatelynThomas-656 KatelynThomas-769 KatelynThomas-810 KatelynThomas-838 KatelynThomas-898 KatelynThomas-1009 KatelynThomas-957 KatelynThomas-993 KatelynThomas-1078

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